Pre-School 3-5 Years

Our pre-school room is designed to provide a fun, engaging and stimulating environment for your child as they prepare for their next step in education. The room is decorated with bright and cheerful displays that the children have created and is filled with age-appropriate toys and activities that will help your child develop their cognitive, social, and emotional skills. The room is also equipped with a variety of learning areas such as a numeracy and literacy area, a mark making station, a discovery station and a creative corner that will help your child discover their interests and passions.

Our team of highly trained and experienced staff will provide your child with the care, and attention they need, as well as a structure and routine to help them feel safe and secure.

We understand the importance of preparation for school, that’s why we provide a curriculum that aligns with the national standards and helps your child to develop the skills they need to be successful in school.

We provide healthy and nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day, and our team will work with you and your child to create a personalised daily routine. We promote a healthy lifestyle to our children and have daily outdoor learning play time, forest school activities, daily physical play sessions on our very own indoor soft play and weekly Yoga sessions with a professional Yoga Teacher to improve physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

We have weekly French lessons from a local Tutor, who provides amazing learning activities for the children to enjoy whilst learning a second language.

We will provide daily updates of meals, activities, milestones, and toileting via a parent portal app.

Our pre-school is split into two groups:


This group is for the younger pre-schoolers, we will work with the children to follow a more structured routine, gaining more independence and supporting them with the introduction of the additional learning categories in the curriculum for pre-school.


The children will transition into this group when they start to move into their last year at pre-school, this enables our staff to prepare the children for their next learning journey, ensuring that they are school ready!

We would love for you to come and visit us and see how we can help your child thrive.

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